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ANCHORAGE, Alaska MAD MYRNA'S: You can't see BLAKE'S ON THE PARK: This spot has been a neighborhood institution for decades and remains the hub of Atlanta gayest area, Midtown.

To that end, the aura of a dive cannot simply be fabricated on command. "It's not something you can take out of a box and nail on the wall and suddenly it's a dive," said Wondrich after talking about impostors you might find in places like Williamsburg. Some of these fancy bars, if they stay open, are going to end up as dives.

There will be mismanagement, the crowd will get older, and new people won't come in.

The most dangerous countries mentioned in the study read like a cruise line itinerary: Honduras (No. We have also never received a complaint about crime in the Asian ports. Stay with the cruise line excursions ashore." I say nonsense to that. citizens killed in Honduras, for example, the local police have solved just 2 cases. 55 Celebrity Cruise Passengers & 2 Crew Members Robbed at Gun Point in St. 14 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Anse-La-Raye Waterfall in St. Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger Murdered in Guatemala. Roatan Honduras has been in the news lately following the murder of a NCL crew member who was gunned down in a gruesome crime for his cell phone. Armed robberies, sexual assault of teenagers and young women, and the murder of a tourist makes this port a dangerous place to take your family. State Department has issued multiple critical crime warning for the Bahamas. Citizen Murdered in Nassau - Cruise Passengers Urged to Avoid Travel to the Bahamas! Jim Walker go do some research because this is pure rubbish you are talking. People do some research before you just take in what this retard says. Trucks & trucks of army men with machine guns & other arsenal (protecting their country) locals grabbing you & trying to drag you into alleyways & shops, the freedom to purchase just about any class A prescription drug from every second shop, barman that tried not to give us our change from a US$100 for a $2.00 purchase, and when we asked him for our change his look was fierce & denied it & then said he thought it was a tip (a $98.00 tip, NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!!

No, its not scientific in nature based on empirical evidence. By comparison, the murder rate in Massachusetts, with a similar geographical area and population, was 2.6 per 100,000. Thomas, after a 14 year old girl from a cruise ship visiting St. There are way too many guns, drugs, robberies, and murders to pretend the USVI are a place for a family to vacation. The murder of a young woman during a cruise for her sister's wedding led to the cruise company dropping the island as a port of call, but it quickly returned. This country has suffered some of the worst crime stories over the years. The website Cruise Line Fans released its Top 5 Most Dangerous Cruise Destinations a couple of years ago, as follows: 1. A report coalesced from the findings and opinions of one individual, and written with a seemingly factual tone is rather dangerous. My focus is protecting the people who travel to the Caribbean and are uneducated regarding the dangers there, not the businesses which profit from tourism.

But we're sure that this will only stoke the fires of debate. AKRON, Ohio THE SQUARE: To be fair, Akron isn't known for its hopping gay scene, but The Square would shine even in a more populated city.