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Unlike the Sacred Writings, which are translated by committees of scholars and carefully edited, "Provisional Translations" are prepared by individuals and not always peer-reviewed for accuracy.

How I became a Bahá’í As much time has passed since I became a Bahá’í some of my memories are a little hazy and possibly even incorrect.

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If, however, the bond is physical and nothing more, it is sure to be only temporary, and must inexorably end in separation.

When, therefore, the people of Bahá undertake to marry, the union must be a true relationship, a spiritual coming together as well as a physical one, so that throughout every phase of life, and in all the worlds of God, their union will endure; for this real oneness is a gleaming out of the love of God.

God doth verily love union and concord, and abhorreth separation and divorce. Likewise do they enjoy strong and lasting ties in the physical world as well, for if the marriage is based both on the spirit and the body, that union is a true one, hence it will endure.

("A Synopsis and Codification of the Kitab-i-Aqdas, the Most Holy Book of Bahá'u'lláh" (Haifa: Bahá'í World Centre, 1973), p. This connection between them is a spiritual one, hence it is a bond that will abide forever.

There are likely to be something approaching 20,000 writings of Baha'-Allah commonly designed Lawh-i ___.