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After all, the two cellular networks already in place provide the necessary simple wireless telephony services, which would mean the only purpose behind the new 3G network is to provide the additional "application services." A deeper look, however, indicates that quite to the contrary, the network is intended only to further serve the interests of the Iranian regime in its drive to keep tab on the dissidents.

The most important fact about this project is that while the provider is independent of the state, it is still bound by Iranian regulation to cater to the regime's demands in times of crisis.

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my NCCU Mobile, the official mobile app for North Carolina Central University, links future students, current students, families, faculty, staff and alumni to all the key resources on campus.

The app provides instant access to the latest news, campus maps, bus routes, athletics, library and find out what's open when you're ready to eat.

You could browse at lightning speeds by simply switching between 2G and 3G.

3G is relatively very fast when compared to 2G and the data upload and download speeds are pretty high.

Mobile data is really a life saver as it allows you to browse, use your favorite applications, get notifications and avail online services when you do not have access to Wireless network (Wi Fi) .

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    Tell me where I have gone wrong and Please suggest some ways to fix this problem. Here, when click Edit button on "C" row, and modified values from f1C to f1CXX; and in the rowupdating method, it is getting f1CXX only... I am getting some problems in the code you posted aslo.

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    Meanwhile, the share of 55- to 64-year-olds who use online dating has doubled over the same time period (from 6% in 2013 to 12% in 2015).

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    While it was the first time the event to benefit shelter animals was held, it seemed to be a big success, with stellar attendance of both human and dog variety.

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