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Press release 01/17 E-CO Energi earned a net profit of MNOK 590 in 2016, compared with MNOK 533 the year before.

The improvement in performance is mainly ascribable to higher power prices.

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The material is accessible for education and research supervised by experts of the centre.

The material is also accessible to individuals by streaming (

A low-threshold inventory-list for registering intangible cultural heritage of traditional dance, music, and song has gained 858 suggestions by 150 local persons in September 2013 (

Each year, NIFES monitors Norwegian farmed fish, on assignment for the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

Norwegian development assistance played an instrumental role in the mapping and development of Tanzania’s natural gas resources discovered in the 1970s, which eventually led to the commercialisation of two fields - Songo Songo (2004) og Mnasi Bay (20 The white paper sets out that Norway should strengthen its existing security policy tools through close transatlantic cooperation, a consistent and predictable policy towards Russia, and a strong engagement to safeguard the international legal order.