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Harris' office in Robert Mondavi Institute South (PDF 198 KB)530-754-9485 office 530-752-2826 lab 530-752-4759 fax Western Center for Food Safety (WCFS) Physical Address: WIFSS & WCFS: 1477 Drew Ave, Suite 101, Davis, CA 95618 Directions to the Western Center for Food Safety and Western Institute for Food Safety and Securitymain 530-757-5700 Visiting Davis, California Publication Page My research program is in the area of microbial food safety with a focus on the microbiology of fresh fruits and vegetables and nutmeats.

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UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology Physical Address: Office: 2208 Robert Mondavi Institute South Building, Davis, CA 95616Phone: (530)752-6594Mailing Address: UC Davis Dept.

of Food Science & Technology One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616Publication Page My area of expertise is in microbial food safety, with emphasis on foodborne viruses.

We have used these methods to evaluate the behavior of foodborne pathogens in juices, and on fruits, vegetables and nutmeats stored under a variety of conditions.

The methods have also been used to evaluate various sanitizers for their efficacy in reducing microbial populations on various cut and intact produce surfaces and to validate thermal and non-thermal processes for treating nuts.

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