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Often found to over and underlie rock paintings and engravings, once characterised, recent advances I have made in the application of radiogenic dating techniques to these accretions, are providing the first opportunity to produce maximum, minimum and bracketing ages for the associated rock art.

These ages are being used to anchor this rock art sequence to an absolute chronology and to integrate it into the emerging archaeological record of colonisation and settlement in northern Australia, increasing our understanding of Australia's first people and helping to gain recognition for the Kimberley region as a heritage site of international significance.

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Some fear missions from these activities could potentially have devastating effects on the rock art.

Professor John Black, a former CSIRO divisional chief, told an Senate inquiry on Friday that the corrosive emissions from the nearby petrochemical and fertiliser factories will have damaging impacts on the art, which includes the world's oldest depiction of the human face.

The Melungeon people from research may go as far back as 2,000 bc. I have lived with the Seminole Tribes of the Everglades in Florida for 5 years back in the middle 80's. I study many life issues and try to find how we all can fit togetherpeacefully.

I am Honored to have this Blood and Live with Mother Earth as best I can. I am pleased to have the opportunity to speak up in this forum.

The Burrup Peninsula, on the mid-west coast of Western Australia, is home to the world's oldest and largest rock art sites - containing more than one million Aboriginal rock art engravings, dating back as far as 30,000 years.