Accomodating work

A resource to help employers, teachers, employees and students address work and school issues, reasonable accommodations, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). What laws require that reasonable accommodations be provided? How does mental illness interfere with work performance? Frequently Asked Questions How-To Tips for Employers What can I read for more information? How does mental illness interfere with school performance? Frequently Asked Questions How-To Tips for Educators What can I read for more information?This website contains information related to laws, disclosure, and situations related to having a mental illness in the workplace or school setting. How Mental Illness Affects Work Working in Professional and Managerial Jobs Disclosing Your Disability Issues and Answers Dealing With a Difficult Boss Responding to Feedback Job Accommodations Filing Complaints Work-related sites How Mental Illness Affects School Academic Adjustments Issues and Answers Documenting Your Disability Filing Complaints School-related sites For further information on job accommodations for persons with disabilities, professionals or employers we suggest you contact the Job Accommodation Network.

That action is known by many names – modified duty, light duty, early return to work programs, even restricted duty. It sometimes involves shuffling the job duties of others or trying to create productive work for the injured employee out of thin air.

Regardless of the name, the objective is the same and that is to accommodate the medically-imposed work restriction. It may even require that training be conducted for one or more employees to perform tasks that they have never performed before. This newsletter describes them as well as addressing some of the common objections for not doing so. It will reduce or eliminate the lost wages portion of the claim, thus reducing the cost of that claim and in turn reducing the negative impact on your future workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

One only has to look at the number of ambitious, educated and career-driven Muslim women across Britain, unable to secure employment, to realise that Muslim women are one of the most under-used resources in the UK labour market. Should one really have to choose between religion and a career?

Should employers be more accommodating to individuals wishing to practice their religion in the workplace?

Accommodating a medically-imposed work restriction will get that employee back to work, unless he/she refuses to do so and then the insurance provider has the option to stop the wage replacement payments.