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Like CB radio it had 40 "channels" and commands like "tune," "squelch," and "monitor." Compu Serve CB quickly became the largest single product on Compu Serve despite virtually no marketing.

When 40 channels was not enough, additional "bands" were added, such as the "Adult" band.

The Cam Date Application Suite is built from the ground up with the online-community business model in mind.

Highlights Live, multi-user, multi-room audio / video / text chat; Flash front end: fast, stable, easy, system agnostic; Simple integration with current user database; 2-way compressed streaming audio/video; Instant webcam/microphone detection; Default/user-created chat rooms; Private messaging; Online user list: Users visually identified by icons; Robust, style-enabled, real-time text chat: Bold/Italic Formatting, Color Palette, Animated Emoticons; Audio/Video Controls, Bandwidth Selector.

Users are comforted by direct contact and, when this goes missing because of the screen, they need to be reassured in another way.