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Additionally, a police officer was hit with a Gatorade bottle.

Hundreds of teens congregated on the sidewalks and at the entrance to the Wawa for hours Saturday night, but Bergeron said there's not much Margate police can do to disperse them.

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Harrah’s Resort (address and info) Thanks to its towering glass roof, this 86,000-gallon water park/weekend party destination boasts lush tropical plants, chirping birds, and year-round 82-degree humidity, not to mention hot tubs, VIP cabanas (with a TV, i Pod docks, a mini-fridge, bottle service, etc.), and an elevated deck/bar, where you can gorge yourself on lobster rolls and boozy slushies for as long as you want without worrying about getting sunburned, since the dome above you is UV-absorbent.

Revel (address and info) This heated, year-round pool starts inside and winds past an island in the center and a "play zone" stocked with pool tables and big screens, to the outdoor roof deck, which you Tropicana Casino & Resort (address and info) With both an indoor, year-round pool and an outdoor, seasonal one (called the Blue Parrot Pool Bar), this secluded, outdoor oasis with ocean views on the sixth floor of the North Tower is the perfect place to sprawl on a lounge chair and let the world slip away...

at least until the DJ starts playing and the cocktail waitresses start serving drinks with names like the Frosty Sunbather.

The Chelsea Hotel (address and info) Located on the fifth floor of this casino-less spot, the CC's a Vegas-style destination complete with some seriously pimped-out cabanas (they've got plasma TVs, mini bars, Play Station 3s, and a DVD/game library) and DJs spinning all day on weekends.

But hey, you were just here to see NJ’s oldest lighthouse anyway.