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BABY ELEPHANT KILLED ON MALAYSIA HIGHWAY The two adult elephants were unable to reach the baby with their trunks so they rushed into the pool and herded the baby with their trunks to the shallow end, where it was able to stand and get out of the pool.

IMDb Rating: N/A Country: South Korea Runtime: 91 min Languages: Korean Genre: Mysteri, Thriller, Adult Director: Yoon Yeo-chang (윤여창) Cast: Lee Hyeon-ji-I, Lee Seol-goo, Park Se-jin, Lee Jeong-woo, Hong Kyeong-in Plot Summary: Psychiatrist Joon-sang is a well-known doctor.

Possibly one of the most entertaining sex scenes in Korean dramas happened when Gun (Jang Hyuk) and Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) follow a ridiculous series of coincidences and a huge dose of aphrodisiac into bed.

In the dark, the two of them slowly move towards each other, their limbs tangle, and they take the inevitable next step of dressing up in hanbok and pounding rice cakes.

The whole extended family was gathering in the front yard when I dragged my cousin and sneaked upstairs to my grandparents’ living room. I remember we watched few films before but they were all children films, no touching, much less kissing. Remember the adorable king played by Ryu Deok Hwan. True, King Gongmin did marry the queen played by Park Se Young but what Faith omitted, A Frozen Flower included. Their love is threatened when the follower (Jo In Sung) hits epiphany as he experiences sex for the first time with a woman (Song Ji Hyo). The three miserable people express their love and passion with every bit of their existence, knowing they don’t have much time. When you watch this film you’ll realise where the term ‘’making love’’ comes from. Just watch them as they engage in the act of pure ecstasy, of beautiful profound love.