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An examination of contemporaneous medical texts convincingly reveals an appreciation of the need for thorough and objective investigation of crime scene and bodies, and for the accurate documentation of the findings.These texts give valuable insight into the approach and techniques employed by the surgeons engaged in examining the bodies of the Whitechapel murder victims, and also allows for interpretation of the terminology commonly employed.

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Indeed, we can hypothesise that some of these texts would almost certainly have been owned by or consulted by Doctors Phillips and Bond and their colleagues.

In 1899, J A P Price defined autopsia (autopsy) as a term curiously applied to post-mortem examination or inspection of the body after death; his definition of Post-mortem was, an uncouth expression for the opening and examination of the dead body.

During the course of this evaluation I have looked at many pertinent medical books that were published in the United Kingdom toward the end of the nineteenth century.

Such texts would undoubtedly reflect the state of knowledge of forensic science during the period of the Whitechapel murders.

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