Mature larvae are about 20 mm (3/4 of an inch) long.

They look like hairless green caterpillars with a series of darker stripes running along the body. If the spruce trees attacked are small and few in number, this pest can be controlled by hand picking and destroying the larvae when they first appear mid to late June.

A new survey of same-sex marriage poll results posted to Five Thirty suggests support for gay nuptials is—ahem—on the upswing.


Do you see a bloated asparagus stalk turned sideways? It’s a Rorschach test of inscrutable accuracy, probably as prescient as the polls themselves.

Though many place grassfed bison in the ‘gourmet’ category, the value of this incredible red meat is not measured strictly by its price, but by what you get in return: - about 25% more protein than beef - less fat & cholesterol than turkey - more Omega 3’s, betacarotine & CLA’s - little $hrinkage in cooking - nutritionally dense - it takes less to satisfy an appetite As with most things in life, with grassfed bison you get what you pay for - and more.

Sale prices are based on the ship date of your chick order, which you will select during the checkout process.

The sale price does not apply if you choose a delivery date outside of the sale dates, or if there are no more birds available during the sale dates.

Young larvae may also be controlled by hosing them off with a strong jet of water.

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