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We don't know if Glenn is real or not, but we will say that this is not the first time she has introduced or killed off a lover while talking to David Letterman.

She used to frequently talk about her imaginary boyfriend, Ricky, until she went on the "Late Show" in 2006 and revealed that he had been murdered. Sedaris was on the show to discuss her upcoming film, "Dance Flick," but she and the host spent more time talking about weddings and marriage than the movie.

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Since 2014, Sedaris has voiced the character Princess Carolyn in the Netflix animated series Bo Jack Horseman.

At age 16, Sedaris worked at her local Winn-Dixie supermarket.

You have a core of goodness." What's a failproof source of material for you? Like local news stories of a woman wearing hamburger shoes or just people behaving strangely. My favorite thing to do is play the character who makes out with people at the bar.

I started doing children's theater, and when I found out about improv and sketch, I was like, "Oh, this is my jam." You tweeted that Drake was the best after he hosted.

It's like today: I was late, because I have a cupcake business, and I was making deliveries, and I was walking home today thinking, "Okay, I busted my ass for $24." That's not what it's really about. It's like, the more money you make sometimes–it's just pretend money, and it comes in checks, and you never get to really see it and enjoy it. I love everything about it, and working hard for it, and having a job you can complain about. " I can go to a grocery store and bitch to people about it, and people will listen to me. I was so used to having cats and dogs, so when they do something, like hop or jump up and spin around, it's just fascinating. I would love to remake that movie and not change a word of it, just because it's a really good anti-drug movie. I wanted track marks, which Comedy Central didn't want, which is why I wore turtlenecks all the time, just to cover that up. I wanted to look like a professional golfer who owned snakes. It's really bad to say that, but I love black movies–they're my favorite, like How Stella Got Her Groove Back and all that stuff.

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