English sex chat ideas - An axiomatic model of non bayesian updating

I’m sorry to report that Mr Humphreys was the atheist in the debate. There’s good ammo here (Mr Humphreys notwithstanding).

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There was a day when the only thing I argued about was who the greatest boxer of all time was. 1937-42 Henry Armstrong.) Today, however, I find myself arguing about so many things—some of them actually important—from why symptomatic women should receive hormone replacement therapy after menopause (and, by extension, why the Women’s Health Initiative tells us so, if you know how to read it) to why monotherapy with T4 for hypothyroidism is a recipe for disaster for most patients.

(I’m fighting all urges to turn this post into a manifesto of 1965-67 Muhammad Ali vs. But there is nothing I find myself debating more than the misconceptions most doctors have about heart disease.

Prescriptions may include orders to be performed by a patient, caretaker, nurse, pharmacist or other therapist.