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May 1 is traditionally a rallying day for anticapitalist and anarchist groups, dating to the 19th century and commemorating the Haymarket riot of 1886.That day in Chicago, someone lobbed a bomb at police during a rally for an eight-hour workday, and gunfire broke out.

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We had similar viewpoints in a lot of areas, and I thought the places that we disagreed didn’t matter that much. Currently, I’m dating someone who is new to poly themselves and experienced my first breakup while having other partners.

While initially I thought that kind of relationship wouldn’t be good for me, and had thought I would stay away from people who were just starting out on their poly journeys, it really has been great.

The magazine was temporarily suspended as a going operation in 2006 while its future, then in an annual format, was discussed.

A new edition came out in time for the London Anarchist Bookfair for 2007, featuring a new look, and a range of new and classic articles.

I did a lot of work to learn about poly to be with her and even went to therapy to work through some of my jealousy and insecurity issues.