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In this week’s episode of “Unqualified,” Anna and cohost/producer Sim Sarna welcome one of the most unique comedic talents in Hollywood: the one and only Aubrey Plaza!

Right, right.' But I don't fault him, because being a movie star is hard.

They say that movie stars meet 60 times more people than the average person, so of course your brain gets cloudy. I think he's great."Don't worry, she's just kidding about the whole thing! He's the kindest, most amazing person ever, and he didn't change a bit except that his f--king body is ripped beyond belief.

But Pratt played him with such wide-eyed, open-hearted glee that he became a regular. You're not going to see some weird Andy pratfalls in the middle of the Osama bin Laden raid where I fall down and have pie on my face.