Audrey and dating

Audrey and dating

When people devote all their time to investigate Audrey Tautou's life, the only thing that they come up with is her professional life and achievements.

Well, are you interested to know about her love life? When someone asks Forty-years-old Audrey to talk about her love life, or about her boyfriend or partner, she is always miles away.

It is a movie about the crises we face as we hurtle towards 40, and Tautou’s character, a harassed single mother of two, is desperate for the leading man, an ex-boyfriend, to get back together with her.

“But there is no spark,” he tells her, as they lie in bed after an earth-shattering sex session in which she has urged him to, “Go deeper!

The actress who is neither married nor witnessed with a handsome hunk who could be guessed as her lover.