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Even in the short length of Bangla Road, there are several new and eclectic concepts.

Some of the old, well-established names have achieved global acclaim while newer clubs are always coming in with something different and special to try.

The fashion police are noticeably absent and, so long as you’re enjoying yourself, no one really cares what you’re wearing or how you’re dancing.

The range of venues is, as you will see below, quite impressive, going from laid-back beach bars to VIP clubs.

I Want to Hire I Want to Work This is a position for someone who * Is a native English speaker * Has creative writing skills * Is comfortable with erotica/sex scenes * Is able to write full time You will be sent categories/storylines, and for every category and/or storyline I send you, you will write a 5k short story. They are also extremely formulaic, in the sense that they can be w... No need for a new design, we have a sample design that can be used for now. I need a logo, a cover page and a short opening credits/intro video done.