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Oakland, CA 94606 | [email protected] regular hours — contact through their website or email to come in and work If you’re looking for a space to collaborate with other creative queers in the East Bay, look no further than LOL.

“There are still some creepers on there, but overall it’s great,” she said.

“If someone isn’t for Bernie, I find it really hard to go on a date with him.” There are plenty of fish in Williams’ sea thanks to the fact that the Democratic primary race has split most sharply along generational lines.

If you felt a twinge of sadness when word got out that The Lexington, San Francisco’s “friendly neighborhood dyke bar,” is closing its doors for good — or you’re like me and you literally shed tears — you’re probably wondering where you’re supposed to hang out now.

While San Francisco indeed plays host to some of the bigger queer events in the Bay Area, there are many queer-centered or queer-friendly parties and spaces right here in your own backyard. Ships In The Night | 579 18th St, Oakland, CA 94612 | 21 | [email protected] first Saturday of the month: 9 p.m.-2 a.m.

His organization’s recently released poll found Sanders with 63 percent support from voters under 45 and Clinton with 63 percent support from older voters.