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And, while I appreciate the feminist research that has gone into things like studying how this commercialist exploitation of hyper-beautiful models impacts women, I feel like we may be getting a little led astray here.

Because here’s the thing; when I was dating women, I still saw those images; they just didn’t bug me as much.

Either in a relationship, to which Valentine's Day will probably bring disappointment and awkwardness as you're literally forced to go out and behave all loved up, romantic and happy on a day you'd ordinarily spend eating spaghetti together in bed. You're probably stuck in a rut of responding to anyone who asks about your relationship status with: "oh, you know, we're just kinda seeing each other and sorta having a thing and sleeping together type thing and it doesn't really have a label. " So how do you deal with Valentine's Day when you're just Netflix and chilling? Option #1 – Pretend it isn't happening Let's be realistic. And nobody in their right minds has ever in their lives done anything on a Tuesday.

Least of all Netflix and chill with their new squeeze.

I mean, I think it was a reasonable hypothesis — women feel like shit about how they look because they see hyper-beauty everywhere — but again, I think there’s more to the story than that.

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