Beer steins from germany dating 1909

Then in 1921 a disastrous fire destroyed all the moulds, manufacturing secrets and documentation of the Mettlach factory.

beer steins from germany dating 1909-74

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However it was the products sent to the World Exhibition, held in Antwerp in 1885, which gave us the works of art we know today. Proven to be one of Foltz's designs made prior to the 1885 catalogue.

Died 1858 Production of relatively low quality steins began in the early 1840's.

Others suspect the stein's age can be determined by signs of wear (which can easily be faked), not realizing that many old steins were never used for drinking, and may consequently appear almost new.

Contrary to these common assumptions, steins can be real puzzles, and numerous pitfalls await those who take anything for granted in the beer stein hobby.

Lately there's been renewed interest in collecting beer steins with unique designs, including reproductions of works by famous artists.