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The most common case is when a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim woman.

However, there are several (albeit a much smaller percentage) cases of Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men. First of all, marrying non-Muslim women is not a privilege.

There are basically two types of mixed marriages: Halal (permissible), and Haraam (forbidden).

Halal mixed marriages occur when a Muslim men marry chaste, Christian or Jewish women.

Though Western scholarship is usually invoked as the ultimate trump card with which to silence opponents, the Buddha-separatist authors prefer to ignore or dismiss it in this case. Kalupahana, who rejects the inclusion of Buddhism in Hinduism, is irritated with Western scholarship: Hindu scholars writing on Buddhism made such statements as this: Early Buddhism is not an absolutely original doctrine. But even a more sober scholar from the West felt that Buddhism started from special Indian beliefs, which it took for granted.