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: American comedian and radio producer Benjy Bronk dating fix with girlfriends Sarah Haeussler. Her occupation in TV My Antonio show is Party Planner and hometown is New Delhi, India. Because was wrote Sarah Haeussler age 28 and Wikipedia was wrote Sarah Haeussler age at 31.

Sarah Haeussler, a girlfriend of Benjy Bronk was My Antonio television cast. : So many girls dated with Benjy Bronk as Girlfriend. Namely, Lisa Heughan, Alexis the Stripper (2000), Holly Landers (2002), Anna Smith (2002), Sheila (2002 - 07), and Ivy Supersonic (2007 - 08).

Back office bunch: Turk (center) swiftly ascended to the top of Stern's organization after they met via an efficiency program.

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The 49-year-old comedian on Wednesday shot back on Twitter after Stern said the lives of his former employees nosedived after they left his radio show, then took aim at Stern’s handpicked chief operating officer Marci Turk.

The situation unfolded as Stern chastised writer Benjy Bronk for allegedly showing up late to work, though longtime fans on Stern-centric online forums such as Radio Gunk, Dawgshed and Reddit suspected that the tongue-lashing regarding Bronk’s tardiness – a topic which has been discussed ad nauseam over the years - was a planned bit for the air.

He has, so far, had numerous girlfriends, but has acknowledged being in a relationship with only seven so far.

Benjy currently is in a relationship with Elisa Jordana.

The new reality star and her ex-Benjy, 49, split after five years together and discussed their breaking in an article for “The problem is that he just got turned off by me because he saw too much of me. I’m assuming Elisa will be taking over Lala’s hostess role and her role as new-girl/bad-girl on the show.