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FF offers Christians an online platform to connect with each other, to network, and to enjoy each other's company.

FF has an ecumenical basis and brings evangelical Christians, Catholics and Protestants of all denominations together through this platform.

However, the ska revival was short-lived, and the group's 1998 album Why Do They Rock So Hard?

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Soon after, the band lost mainstream recognition but gained an underground cult following.

As of 2006, the band is no longer signed to a major record label, and has since been independent.

After many line-up changes throughout the years, front man Aaron Barrett remains the only founding member in the band.

With the departure of Ben Guzman soon after, then backup vocalist Aaron Barrett took his place as lead singer. Reel Big Fish's self-released debut album, Everything Sucks, was successful and became an underground hit spread by word-of-mouth, which led to the band signing a deal with Mojo Records.

Here’s the thing about that ship, though; its sail has a hole in it and it’s sinking. The track features a distinct West Coast bounce to it and what sounds like a Juicy J sample.