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Probably wouldn't be a shooter considering ammo is like a cartridge and I know the gun is at least 80 years old.More of a collectible gun that I would either keep or try to sell if the price was right.Posting, just to mess with CG cuz she waits so anxiously for me to go on a date.

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Does anyone know of someone who could give me some info on this gun as far as the value goes?

I am considering purchasing it but just do not know enough about it to make an informed decision.

It has changed them from actually getting done to never getting done. Some discussions are born lame; some achieve lameness; some have lameness thrust upon them. Use edit summaries to publish interviews that you conducted – or heard rumors about. After consulting a printed source, it turns out that it was the mother who was from Croatia. Montenegrin became the official language of Montenegro in 2007 and received a new standard on 10 July 2009, but it has been promoted by the Montenegrin community since 2004. And to what extent does "Thracian" mean "Bulgarian"?

Upon coming across a discussion that is borderline lame, some Wikipedians may be tempted to go do something useful. Left to its own devices, the discussion might inadvertently become useful. It is essential that as many editors as possible chime in, not adding to the discussion at hand, but merely commenting how lame it is and what a big waste of time it is. Montenegro legally seceded from Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, but Milla was born in Ukraine in the Soviet Union in 1975 to a Russian/Ukrainian mother and father of Serbian (Serbian/Montenegrin? The fact that it is normally rather hard to determine the origin of mythical figures didn't seem to bother any of the warriors in the slightest.

You're running late, the boss is bitchin', It's cold outside, and the car won't start Well i don't mean to bitch i swear Cause we all got our cross to bear Chorus: But when i hear the music All my troubles just fade away When i hear the music Let it play, let it play When i hear the music Sure as darkness i can see the day When i hear the music Let it play Let it play Life's just rented space getting laid to waste When the lines on my face say i'm growing older Just a stitch in time gonna save my mind When the weight of the world lies on my shoulders Soon i won't have a place to fit But i'll cross that bridge when i come to it Chorus : Bret and C.

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    The conversation heated up again when the comedian and daytime talkshow host, Steve Harvey, was dragged on Twitter last for a past episode that was uncovered by savvy viewers. '” he’s heard in the clip, casually asking his audience.

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    They help extend the functionality of your SAP solution to meet your unique needs.

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    As a result of this relationship, many of the SIS Global team have direct and daily interaction with Microsoft, giving them unparalleled insight into the development of leading business solutions and thereby empowering SIS Global to deliver best-in-class technology.

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