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Hans bror presenterar honom för hustruns kusin Nadia som är nyinflyttad och vill umgås med någon, men han varnas för att hon blir vild och okontrollerbar om hon blir full. Filmen spelades in den 5 maj-14 juli 1986 i Culver City, Hollywood, Los Angeles och Point Lobos State Reserve.

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Alvarez was also wise to reunite with “Evil Dead” star Jane Levy, an actress who can do a lot with very little in terms of character development and is remarkably fearless physically, and even wiser to cast Stephen Lang, a fantastic character actor for decades who has been given one of his most memorable roles here.

Like a lot of films of this breed, “Don’t Breathe” gets a little less interesting as it proceeds to its inevitable conclusion, replacing tension with shock value, but it works so well up to that point that your heart will likely be beating too fast to care.

He works all night on a big presentation, and then needs a date to take to the company dinner in honor of a visiting Japanese businessman.

His brother fixes him up with Nadia Gates (Kim Basinger).

After graduating, she performed a season with the Shobana Jaysingh Dance Company.