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brad pitt and angelina jolie dating since-72

According to the source, it had been a while since the six Jolie-Pitt children had been back at his home, quite possibly not "since the week before news [of the split] broke."WATCH: Brad Pitt Looks Thin and Casual in Rare Sighting Outside His Los Angeles Art Studio It appears Jolie and Pitt are now committed to resolving their issues privately after an intense custody battle.

Last month, a source told ET that Pitt has been speaking directly to Jolie, as their divorce has died down in the media, adding that the two are focused on doing what's in the best interest of their kids.

Regardless, for whatever reasons, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back in touch – and how does Angelina Jolie feel about this? She didn’t leave because she fell out of love with him, she left because of his ‘issues’, whatever those issues were.

And now, to hear that he’s talking with his ex-wife, the woman that he left for her?

Pre-Jolie Brad projected an every man vibe, even though he was far more wealthy and attractive than 99.9% of the other every men.