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They’ll reminisce about better times and hope that they still have a chance to make more memories.Unfortunately, Brady will realize that he’s fading fast.The show has garnered 43 Daytime Emmy Awards, including 2015's Outstanding Daytime Drama, and numerous nominations, as well as multiple People's Choice Awards, GLAAD Media Awards and Prism Awards.

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CREDITSExecutive Producer Ken Corday Co-Executive Producers Greg Meng, Albert Alarr Producer Janet Spellman-Drucker Directors Albert Alarr, Grant A.

Johnson, Phil Sogard, Herb Stein, Steven Williford Coordinating Producer Randy Dugan Head Writers Dena Higley, Ryan Quan Production Designer Daniel Olexiewicz Music Directors Steve Reinhardt, D. Antonelli Costume Designer Richard Bloore Hair & Makeup Head Nicky Schillace Produced By Corday Productions Inc.

J.) Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (daughter; twin; with Lucas) Sydney Di Mera(daughter; with E. The police never recovered the video camera from the crime scene. It turned out that Arianna had left most of her possessions to Brady, her fianc at the time of her will. However, in her rush to gather her belongings, she grabbed Arnold's debit card.

J.) Arianna Grace Horton (granddaughter; via Will) *Due to a babyswitch, Sami raised Grace Brady, although she was biologically Mia and Chad's daughter. He questioned Sami, but Rafe assured Bo that Sami was with Rafe all night. Will, Rafe and Sami plotted to cover up Sami's crime. Sami told Arianna exactly what happened the night Sami shot E. in hopes Arianna would believe that the shooting was justified. Sami broke into Ari's apartment to search for the camera. Brady gathered her personal affects from her safe deposit box. Nicole found the camera before Brady did and watched Sami's confession. Arnold chased Sami to the Convent of the Holy Cross where he quickly realized that the real Rafe was also staying.

Now that Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) life is in danger, John knows it’s time to cut his mission short.