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The cast of the former show made something like $2,000 for the whole season of the show, while the Plastics are negotiating for up to something like $10,000 up front.

From what we’ve heard, that will not include a potential $1,000 bonus per episode depending on ratings.

And John Paul Fleming, a former Jil Sander employee who runs with the gang, is being considered as a seventhplayer. In fact, the cast still seems to be in contract negotiations: salary negotiations, to be specific.

The show hasn’t been greenlit yet by Cohen (who was promoted today to executive vice president by the network. Intel hears that, compared to the cast of the Logo show The A-List, these guys will make off decently well if the show ever gets made.

The show is being made by a gay producer, reality veteran Douglas Ross of Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. "Boy Meets Boy," with Dani Behr of "Extra" as host, will feature a gay leading man choosing from 15 potential suitors.