Bud light speed dating commercial

I found a couple of great scripts and started shooting.

Below, Us Weekly rounds up the best of the bunch, including Snickers' take on Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser "Lost Dog" ad tugs at the heartstrings as it tells the tale of a wayward puppy yearning to go home to his owner and Clydesdale pals.

Along the way, the little pup runs into some trouble.

I am thinking that I should give Bud a big “I Told You So! As a matter of fact I’m guessing this was the worst beer advertisement during a Super Bowl of all time.

Now I have no information to back that up, because I don’t know where other beer commercials have ranked over the years, but it is hard to think that any other beer ad in the history of Superbowl beer ads did worse than 49th and 51st, but that is where the Platinum Ads came in. You can watch the incredibly boring BL Platinum ad over there too, if you are so inclined.

By contrast the Weego ad with the little dog that kept fetching the Bud Light was really cute, and had a great rescue dog message embedded into it.