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Vygantas Stanulis, 55, from Lithuania, was going at 50mph when he took his eyes off the road on the A2 near Canterbury in January, police said.The devastating impact left the driver in front with a fractured skull and spine, as well as a number of other injuries, after his car was shunted into a flatbed lorry.Gytis Snyder is just 13, but he still remembers the orphanage where he grew up in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Finishing his working week as a lawyer, Robert Juodka puts on his fatigues, loads his assault rifles into the car and heads off to the woods to take part in training.

He and his comrades regard their “war games” as deadly serious; preparations for resisting a Russian invasion.

WARNING: Distressing footage Video has been released showing the moment a driver ploughed into a line of stationary vehicles in a rush hour traffic jam.

Distracted for a few moments by looking at something in a layby, the man driving the lorry didn’t realise that cars had slowed down ahead of him.

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