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β€˜On the basis of the elongated, slanted Arabic script known as Hijazi we did know that the fragments in Leiden must be old,’ says Dr Arnoud Vrolijk, curator of Oriental manuscripts in the Special Collections department of the Leiden University Libraries.The papyrus fragment had been cautiously dated to about 770–830 A.Intriguing questions such as how this section of the manuscript came to be separated from DAM 01-27.1, where, at what time and by who, are beyond the scope of this discussion.

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Others were suspicious of the papyrus' apparent links to an American evangelical Christian collection of ancient texts.

From the beginning, Obbink maintained that the new Sappho papyrus has a legal, documented collecting history, but after a year of buzz, he finally revealed that provenance: the text had been folded up inside a tiny piece of glued-together papyri that was purchased by the anonymous collector at an auction in London in 2011.

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Take the famous Fragment 130 (it's telling that Sappho's poems are labeled as numbered fragments in most 20th century translations), which reads in its entirety: "Once again Love, the loosener of limbs, shakes me, that sweet-bitter irresistible creature." Obbink's discovery of the two new poems was hailed as a miracle, but in some circles, it was met with hesitation.