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The following 10 shorts were my contribution to the Royal Academy of Bards (Holiday) Challenge #24 (2010).

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“Of all the people to bump into in a quaint little seaside town…” Alex continues, and there’s a bright smile on her face, her eyes a perfect twinkling shade of ocean blue, “Casey Novak.

I hardly recognised you."or, Casey bumps into Alex on vacation. This is kind of how their relationship is: like a revolving door.

You're the best man, you're supposed to be doing stuff with Elliot.''Fin nodded. Elliot sent me to see how yo're getting along with it.

You know that Case and I are bridesmaids' dress shopping. My phone's on.'' She pulled her phone out of her pocket to see if she had any missed calls. Fin replied, ''Well, he and I are headin' out to a movie, and he didn't want to come in right this second 'cause he thought yo' might be showin' Case yo' dress.''Olivia laughed.

She was the product of the rape of Serena Benson in the spring of 1967 by a food salesman named Joseph Hollister, who later committed suicide.