Chad duell dating

However, the Instagram photos may speak louder than words. Let’s start the trail with a snapshot Josh Page put up on Instagram.

As you may remember Kristen Alderson broke up with former “GH” co-star Chad Duell [Michael Cornithos] shortly after moving to New York City.

Alderson left Los Angeles to take some acting classes, go on some auditions, and switch up life a little bit.

Today, Kristen Alderson posted to Twitter revealing she is beginning a new chapter in her life and moving out of L. Her followers immediately picked up on her implying that her relationship with Chad was over. They said that Alderson wanted to move back to the East coast where she was raised as a child.

It isn’t clear if the couple broke up, or if they decided to embark on a long distant relationship.

Well, the truth lies between the two related parties. Regardless of the fact as to what the connection between Kristen and Josh is, we surely do know that Kristen and Stephen Mendola are a thing.