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With each having a history dating back to 1860, these brands, now internationally recognized, have years of stories and innovation to share.When they built their training facilities and experience center in Charlotte, NMHG found they had one big empty room left over.

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Charlotte announced that they were expecting a baby back in June, revealing she was already four months pregnant.

She has been keeping her fans up-to-date with her pregnancy, posting several pictures on her Twitter page - including some of adorable baby clothes.

" Keys apologised after the incident and said the comments were “prehistoric banter”, adding: "Such comments were made off-air to work colleagues, and were, of course, never intended to be broadcast.

“If off-air conversations of television and radio presenters were recorded, there would be no one left working.

Former Sky Sports presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray enjoyed a glass of champagne together on Monday to celebrate the five-year anniversary of their sacking by the broadcasters after they were overheard making sexist comments about a lineswoman as well as to colleagues, with Keys describing the incident as “one of the biggest carve ups in tv history”.