Chat adult freebies

But when you're shelling out hard-earned cash for your hotel room, it's nice when the hotel recognizes that and throws in some perks "just because." We've already gone through the freebies we love, and honestly kind of expect, but we've yet to go through all the freebies that really took us by surprise -- and sometimes even made us laugh!

Called "executive toy boxes," they include toys such as Slinkys, yo-yos, Etch-a-Sketchs, and Rubik's cubes, and are meant to be used as inspiration -- or even just distractions -- for business travelers burning the midnight oil.

But if you're a leisure traveler, we won't tell -- go ahead and have some fun!

But stars attending next weekend's Grammys might be left rather disappointed by the contents of the $30,000 goody bags, which contain some rather bizarre items including a personal CPR kit and a bottom massager that promises to get rid of cellulite.

The full list of contents was revealed by Insider this week, and there are plenty of high end treats, including a week-long stay at the Golden Door Spa in Southern California, worth $8,850.

It's designed to help anyone learn adult hands-only CPR in 20 minutes.