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He adds, "We are a small brand, we can't afford billboards so we wanted to make a viral video.

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For an out-of-the-box idea, DYOT hired two NCA students to choreograph a flashmob of five girls dancing to Beyoncé's Feminist collective Girls At Dhabas took issue with the video as well, but their post has since been removed from Facebook.

Of late, fashion brands have been trying to stand out amongst the herd by coming up with creative ideas to market their companies, and one such brand is Do Your Own Thing.

Yet, even as the struggle to be accepted as equals continues, the biggest hurdle faced, is the sexual objectification of women.

Following the horrific rape and subsequent death of a young woman in Delhi in 2012, India tightened its laws against sexual predators, however, women and children are raped and otherwise sexually exploited almost daily. Perpetrators of the crimes come from all walks of life.

Even as four of those men attempted to silence the female student by threatening legal action, press reports state that two of the men have stepped down from their leadership positions at the university.