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For example, if I scratched something, I'd have to keep smoothing over the scratch.” She’s back in her childhood years, reliving the moment, as the confident young stage star fades away and a frightened child takes her place. He was respected by everyone and I wanted to be just like him.

It's such a wonderful ending to the story or continuation of the story, I didn't have to give up the role, I could do it." Kennedy taped her audition along with the other performers and the producers sent the tapes to King. She did a run of Mary Poppins right after the birth and then came to New York to prepare for the role of King.

To understand Chilina Kennedy, you only need to know two things: She’s an army brat and she’s an only child. There you have it, the complex mixture of beguiling vulnerability and brassy assurance that’s made her the new reigning star of Stratford’s musicals, with a red-hot Maria in 2009's West Side Story and an ice-cold Evita this past season.

All entries are drawn freely from the World Wide Web. Entries date from to , where it has been running since October, only recently announcing it would close more than a month earlier than initially planned.

The Mirvish organization is hosting a “special announcement” event Tuesday.

Griffin's production has an electric charge that keeps the hairs on your skin tingling from start to finish, thanks to two incredible leads cast as the star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria and Rick Fox's assertive musical direction.

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