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– The caveman mentality many Conservative politicians and pastors still apply to sexual assault, which usually ascribes blame and responsibility solely to women.

– The American Christian teen purity culture perpetuated in student ministries, which idolizes abstinence and attaches stigma to any sexual activity, but particularly that of girls.

“But it’s a struggle.” ••• More than 50 men from around the country recently attended the three-day workshop, “Every Man’s Battle,” run by New Life Ministries in Laguna Beach. And most are attending this $1,400 seminar after receiving an ultimatum — clean up your act, or leave.

Most participants describe themselves as Christian. Jason Martinkus, 32, a recovering sex addict and therapist from Colorado, is the key presenter at the seminars, which are held monthly throughout the United States. Three minutes into his presentation, a man in the back of the room starts to weep.

The opportunity to benefit from the shared experience of others in a similar situation is sxtremely helpful.