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Having only just split from Jordan Bratman earlier this week, it’s perhaps not so shocking that gossip sites and magazines are grasping at possible reasons it didn’t work out between Christina Aguilera and her husband.The most recent development: x17 is reporting — from an anonymous source — that the singer had an open marriage so she could sleep with women, and that she is now dating Samantha Ronson., Christina Aguilera - which apparently culminated around last month's season finale with the two in one serious, obscenity-laden blow-out - but according to the Maroon 5 frontman, they actually had a much harder time getting along when production began on the reality competition!

It’s only now that she is single again that it seems to be relevant and newsworthy to the gossip rags, who are running the story widely as if Christina has never spoken on the record to say she’s attracted to women.

We don’t know if she had an “arrangement” with her husband where she could sleep with women, or was sending bodyguards to pick them up from The Abbey as x17 also writes.

You could cut that tension between them WITH A KNIFE sometimes! But regardless, what's important is that they've clearly worked on their relationship and are making positive steps forward as the series continues!

She rapidly rose to stardom following the release of her hit single, "Genie in a Bottle," which earned her a Grammy Award for best new artist. It wasn't until Aguilera was 6 that her mother managed to end the marriage and move her two daughters (Christina and her younger sister, Rachel) to a new life in Rochester, Pennsylvania.

hristina Aguilera's web site helpfully includes a section called "Rumor Mill," over which her mom, Shelly, presides. She boldly speaks her mind, she livens up a red carpet and she wears assless chaps. The newly brunette Aguilera will commence her tour with Timberlake this month. No fools, they: Both are young (22), hot and talked-about, and have released the best albums of their careers.

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