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There, Clovis families invested the time and labor to carefully construct a stone pavement to cover the muddy shelter floor—presumably because they stayed for a while and exploited a wide variety of smaller animals, plants, and other local resources, such as tool-making stone (flint/chert).

A similarly broad subsistence pattern has been detected at the Gault site in Bell county, just northeast of the Edwards Plateau.

Radiocarbon-dated materials from these locations indicated that the culture lingered from 11,500 to 10,900 radiocarbon years before present.

Waters, however, was not convinced of the accuracy of these dates.

For “the last 50 years, our ideas about the first Americans have been dominated by the ‘Clovis first’ model,” says Michael Waters, a geoarchaeologist at Texas A&M University and co-author of the study published Feb. This model claims that Clovis people migrated throughout North and South America as the first humans on either continent.