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He moved to the city after college, working his way up to doing stand-up full-time, and he now has up to 700 gigs a year.

His dating prospects skyrocketed alongside his career, and Greenbaum goes on up to two dates a week — a mix of women he meets at comedy clubs and dating apps.

(The Frisky) -- It was a drizzly night, and I was walking down the street with Luke, my boyfriend at the time, to a comedy club where he was performing that night.

He held an umbrella over my head and had his arm wrapped around my shoulder.

Though Harrison Greenbaum graduated at the top of his Harvard class in 2008, the preppy bachelor didn’t score when it came to dates.

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    These motives usually come in the form of wanting to dupe people out of their money.

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    Besides, you wouldn’t want to mess with a girl when she’s dirty, exhausted and painfully aware that she’s not looking her best despite wanting to make a good impression during the early stages of a relationship.

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