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The House Education Committee on Monday voted unanimously on a resolution calling for a study on the pros and cons of consolidating school districts. Vereb is looking for administrative savings by dissolving school district boundaries.The study would be done by the Legislature's Joint State Government Commission and the Independent Fiscal Office. During the committee hearing, he framed the resolution as a chance to cut the number of administrators and use the savings to hire more teachers or invest in classrooms.

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You could end up with Navient again, or you could end up with another company that ends up being worse.

Finally, you can only consolidate federal student loans into a federal loan consolidation.

Those perks include income based repayment plans and student loan forgiveness.

Another advantage to the federal loan consolidation process is that anybody can do it. The downside is that consolidating your federal loans doesn’t actually lower your interest rate. Another downside is that you can’t pick the federal loan servicer that handles your new consolidated loan.

If you are unhappy with your repayment plan, interest rates, or Navient customer service but unable to pay off your loan, consolidating your loan could be the solution to your problems. At its most basic level a new lender pays off your old student loans. Borrowers can consolidate some or all of their loans. At the end of the consolidation process, your old loans are paid in full and you now how to pay off a new loan with newer, and hopefully much better terms.