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Consolidating to one nap

Or wait and ouch back her naps like making one at 10 and one at 2 or well I don't know I think we're going to try and go with the flow a bit more . And not so worries about time "it's nap time , nursing time, eating time etc.

then there are weird days where he naps from 11-130 then had another nap from 4-445 (yesterday!!!!! I'm wondering because shell start daycare soon if I should push to have two naps and cut out the nap .

This certainly holds true for naps and it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing to have a new nap pattern sneak up on you.

The Science: There is good evidence to support the extraordinary benefits that come from naps in babies and toddlers.

They both sleep for about 1.5 hours which is what they slept each nap when they had two naps a day. Yup, just hang in - unless you feel that they are just so sleepy at 12noon that you should have them in at am for the next few weeks, then gradually move to 12 then ? 7-7 - you should keep that a SECRET with your friends, LOL.