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Where a Communications Provider does not have an Interconnection agreement with a particular Communications Provider, a portability transit code will be required to allow porting to take place through a third party with whom both Providers have an Interconnect agreement.

CUPIDs replace LOPIDs which are recognised by the telecoms industry and may be a prerequisite on specific forms used by the industry for services such as Number Portability arrangements, Data Management Amendments (DMA), orders on phone book entries, etc. CPS codes are four digit codes commencing with the digit 8 (e.g. The CPS codes will be Allocated by Ofcom to Communications Providers solely in connection with Carrier Pre-Selection, a service that allows customers the choice of routing specific types of calls via a selected United Kingdom Communications Provider without the need to dial a prefix before making a call.

However, details of your own codes may be obtained by contacting Ofcom's Numbering Unit.

Download in MS Excel format: (Geographic Area Codes beginning 01 and 02) NB.

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