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But Reimann captured Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s heart more than five years ago and he hasn’t model jumped since. Not only did Carl Edwards hit the jackpot with his wife Kate in the looks department – this gorgeous gal has brains too. This gorgeous blonde babe has a young son who Busch has bonded with and her day job is as the Executive Director of the Armed Forces Foundation.

I guess it doesn’t hurt she’s not exactly difficult to look at. Trisha Grablander In the subtlety beautiful department I present you Ryan Newman’s wife Krissie. In a world where big hair and big, well other things reign, ya gotta love that. Ingrid Vandebosch NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon decided to go the model route when he wifed up Ingrid Vandebosch. Kate works with patients who have severe brain trauma.

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In 2000, she married to Los Angeles surfing contest promoter and lifeguard Jim Miller.