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What I really mean is back by 3 pm if everything goes smoothly and we don’t take the scenic route home.

The tans lines are etched in our skin so don’t complain when we wear shorts, swimwear, skirts etc. We stay hopeful that one day you will join us for a weekend group ride and let me buy that bike I have been eyeing for you. The up side is that you might wake up with breakfast and coffee ready.

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Section 2: Japan, China, Karakoram Highway, Pakistan, Central Asia, Caucasus, Turkey, across Europe and back to Ireland.

Section 3: Ireland, Southern Europe to Northern Africa, across the Sahara through Tamanrasset, Central and Southern Africa to Cape Town. Section 5: Ushuaia, Patagonia, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Central America, Mexico, Eastern USA to New York, across Canada to Alaska, Pacific Coast to San Francisco (52 countries)Circumnavigating.

Some might have expected Belgian time trial champion Victor Campenaerts to want to put in a good ride on stage 10’s time trial at the Giro d’Italia, but the Lotto NL-Jumbo rider appeared to have his mind on other things.

Written across his chest (presumably by an embarrassed soigneur) were the words “Carlien daten?

”, which, if your Dutch isn’t up to much, translates as “Carlien, will you go out with me? The only bad news is that Carlien won’t be too impressed with Campenaerts’ time, with the Belgian posting a sluggish time to put him in the bottom 10 for the stage.