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The Candlestick Telephone in all its permutations really reigned supreme in north America.

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Can be used with just about any telephone requiring a subset. Bell is 1400 ohm (w/bias spring) and has a 101A induction coil added.

Stock #1027, Price $169.00 WESTERN ELECTRIC 43A: A Western Electric type 43A Space Saver phone. A Western Electric 101A induction coil has been added. Stock #1030, Price $ sold WESTERN ELECTRIC 295d SUBSET: A W. oak wood subset box with top mounted ringer bells with nickel finish (good ). Stock #1032, Price $ sold WOOD SUBSET CONVERSION: Au unknown model of ringer box, a W. 101A induction coil has been added and two capacitors. Case is oak and looks to have been stripped sometime in the past.

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Since its invention in 1876 the telephone evolved along with the technology of the time.