Dating and marriage in tajikistan dating life and bible verses

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Firuzi invited Manzura to join him so that she could "find a path to paradise," a chat-up line that in this case was likely a euphemism for joining the Islamic State (IS) group and becoming a "jihadi bride," the wife of a militant.

"During our chats, he asked for my details so he could buy me a ticket to come to him," Manzura told Radio Ozodi.

Frequently, Tajik families matched their young children and even newborn babies.

During ¬ędomanchok" mothers of a boy and a girl broke a flatbread with a prayer, put the children side by side and having connected hems of their shirts, tore them slightly along the seams.

The country experienced a very turbulent period in the 1990s, after the fall of the Soviet Union, with the 1992-97 civil war severely damaging its already weak economy.