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Bronze Age cultures differed in development of the first writing.

According to archaeological evidence, cultures in Egypt (hieroglyphs), the Near East (cuneiform), and the Mediterranean, with the Mycenaean culture (Linear B), had viable writing systems.

Farming spread across Europe from the eastern Mediterranean (wild varieties of wheat and barley, sheep and goats are native to the Near East), and arrived in Britain around 4500BC, ushering in the Neolithic (New Stone) Age.

The farming skills, and associated way of life, brought to Britain by immigrants from mainland Europe, would have been gradually adopted, and adapted, by the indigenous population – it now seems clear that there was no rapid ‘Neolithic revolution’, as was once thought.

A fabulous collection of Canadian Indian stone axes and clubs, once used by Aboriginal peoples, to give you an idea of what shapes and sizes you can expect to find when collecting antique items.